Url and Ports for Configuation

URL: mail.mailaayo.com

Service Encryption Host Port Authentication
IMAP STARTTLS mail.mailaayo.com 143 Plain password
IMAPS SSL mail.mailaayo.com 993 Plain password
POP3 STARTTLS mail.mailaayo.com 110 Plain password
POP3S SSL mail.mailaayo.com 995 Plain password
SMTP STARTTLS mail.mailaayo.com 587 Plain password
SMTPS SSL mail.mailaayo.com 465 Plain password


  • Above text in Bold are Generic Settings used while setting up Mail Clients.
  • Plain password doesn’t mean you passwords will be saved as text. Its just a athentication type, password are transfered securely via SSL.

Desktop Clients

  • Thunderbird, open source, recommended
  • Mutt, open source
  • Apple Mail (MacOS), proprietary
  • Windows Mail (Windows), proprietary
  • Outlook (Windows), proprietary
  • Outlook (MacOS), proprietary
  • Spark (MacOS), proprietary service
  • The Bat! (Windows), proprietary

Mobile Clients

  • Apple Mail (iOS), proprietary
  • Outlook (Android), proprietary
  • Gmail (Android), proprietary

Chat With Freedom We support DELTA Chat

Migration Matters

  • Migrating email data using IMAPSync


  • Forwarding messages automatically
  • Using domain aliases
  • Using mailbox identities
  • Temprorary mail Creation